Begin Credits - DJ speaking on Radio updating the status of the hunt for a local Serial killer...
Driver changes station to a locale Jazz playing Miles Davis
Traveling on back road near the Green River - Rain is beginning to fall
Profile of our driver rain pelting the side windows - Driver lit from dashboard lights
View small side road and a warning sign through the car window
Close up of headlights hitting the sign as driver pulls car over.
Switch to front view of the 1964 Impala - back of sign in foreground
Close up of driver through the windshield - still lit from dashboard lights.
Shot of Impala backing up to the rivers edge. reverse and tail lights revealing the water.
river opening trunk and revealing the murdered victim - a Rap Star Interior trunk lights and parking lights reveal scene with moon light carving out the environment.
Shot of driver carrying the dead rap star to the river - impala in back ground
Far shot of river with driver in the foreground
Camera moves around to reveal body floating in the river.
Camera comes around as driver turns into the camera view. Focus on body -
Lens focus shift to show the drivers full face revealing his dead eye and scar for the first time.
Slowly lose background showing only the face of the driver/killer
Zoom in to just his eyes with end of music and credits. (Dip Black and back up to reveal next shot) Next shot is the same driver/killer but many years before. No scar - no bad eye.

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